Support for Victims of Toxic Assault

If you have been exposed to toxins and are suffering effects such as cardio-respiratory, neurological, vision, memory, cognitive, hormone and immune system dysfunction you are by no means alone.

All of these symptoms can be caused by exposure to organophosphorus compounds used in pesticides, herbicides, paints, plastics, computers, oils and fire retardants to name but a few. Famously they are the main agents reported to be used by terrorists in attacks on female school children in Afghanistan and by both governments and terrorists as Nerve Gas designed as weapons of mass destruction.

Many other toxins such as solvents, radioactive elements, pesticides, some food additives and natural toxins such as those found in plants can cause similar symptoms and it should be remembered that all poisons mimic natural disease because they cause the same failures in major functions within the body.

The Support for Victims of Toxic Assault Group has been the suggestion of many who have been poisoned by organophosphates at work including farmers and their workers, Pilots, aircrew and their passengers, those exposed to the chemicals during the Gulf War, and others too numerous to mention. It was quickly realised that because OPs are ubiquitous in our environment and food but also in the natural form are essential for all functions in the body including DNA and the mitochondria that are vital for life, then we are all at risk both from the chemicals and the reactions triggered by them to a host of other toxins including prescription drugs and vaccinations. To protect industry and governments around the world, which have approved the use of deadly toxins in the environment, the fallback diagnosis is one of mental illness when the reality is chemically induced damage.
Sadly many of the drugs used to treat the symptoms are contraindicated in poisoning and worsen the symptoms.

A former Minister of State for Health in the UK suggested to a group of OP sufferers that all those affected by the poisons should amalgamate into one single group so as to increase their effectiveness.

This group was never intended to be "the one" group for all but it was hoped that eventually some agreement between the various campaign groups would be found so that the terrible toll on life can at last be fully exposed.

The following animated Gif is based on Aesop's Fable Father and Sons where the Father used a bundle of sticks to illustrate the need for unity to his quarrelling sons - it plays on a loop if any part is missed.

Do not suffer alone and in silence.

If you are not currently a member but need assistance, to tell your story, or to request membership of this online group please send a message to

You will then receive an email in response to your query or an email from the Group inviting you to click on the link which will automatically add your email address to the Group Membership list and you will recieve an email with details of how to post messages to the group members and how to unsubscribe from the list if you are no longer interested in being a member of the Group.

An important note to remember is that some anti-spam software may block the invitation message and to overcome this it may be necessary to add the email address to your address book.

All members have been affected by these chemicals to varying degrees and one big advantage of group membership is that all members have access to messages and to the scientific and medical information posted to the group by members but it is important to realise that qualified medical assistance is vital.

In time perhaps medical experts will join us and offer help to members via the group.

Dated 2/10/2013    Updated 26/02/15

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